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1. Who among the following judges was Chairman of the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution of India?
2. Who wrote the first book on the Constituion of India?
3. Who administers the oath to the Governor of a state?
4. The period for which a patent has to be granted under the WTO Agreement on Intellectual Property Rights is:
5. What is the minimum number of Supreme Court judges who are to sit for the purpose of deciding any case involving a substantial question of law as to the interpretation of the constitution?
6. The Competition Act, 2000 deals with:
7. The Right to Information Act, 2005 deals with:
8. Of the following documents which is a negotiable instrument?
9. Who is authorised to decide over a dispute regarding disqualification of a Member of Parliament?
10. Which one of the following persons can attend the session of the Parliament but has no right to vote:

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