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1. Who certifies a bill to be a Money Bill in Indian States?
2. Which right in India is a Constitutional right but not a fundamental right?
3. The minimum number of members required to have a quorum at a meeting of the Lok Sabha is
4. An insolvent person is
5. One of the following cannot be taken as Intellectual Property
6. A writ by a Court, to some person or body to compel it to perform some public duty
7. Which Commission had been set up to enquire with the incidents of the 6th December, 1992 (Babri Mosque demolition)?
8. The famous Commission which went into Centre-State relations in India is
9. Who was – the first President of the National Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission after the Consumer Protection Act 1986, was passed?
10. An agreement to share the benefits of public office is

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