Saturday, January 25, 2020


Founder of CLAT Decodified and hailing from the City of Lakes, Bhopal,Utkarsh Pandey is a budding entrepreneur. He has a knack for entrepreneurship, which can be seen from his work experiences at Aarohan Classes, in addition to being a mentor at Young Achievers. He bears a friendly attitude and is easily amenable. He loves playing cricket and bears a sportsman spirit in the day to day happenings. At CLAT Decodified, he is assertive to provide the best coaching to CLAT aspirants, for a brighter future.


Suhel Qureshi, currently pursuing his B.B.A LLB.(Hons.) from National Law University Odisha, leads the logical Reasoning section of our modules and mock tests.
Suhel is a moot enthusiast, an avid researcher, and a puzzle freak who loves paradoxes, theology and has a soft corner for Urdu and Hindi poetry in his heart. He possesses an eclectic mind bursting with creativity which makes him one of our most valuable members.


Another member we are glad to have on board is Anadi Saxena. Hailing from Lucknow, he currently studies at the National Law University, Odisha, and he’ll be heading the Logical Reasoning section. His analytical mind and sharp presence of mind makes him the perfect person to aid people in their quest for getting into reputed law schools of the country. His interests include watching football, and his guilty pleasures include hogging down food, as he gets them.

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