Toppers’ Interview : Harshdeep Singh Bedi (CLAT 2016 AIR 163)


Good Evening Everyone,

Today we have Harshdeep Singh Bedi in our toppers’ interview section. He hails from Jabalpur (M.P). His hobbies are singing, listening shabads, playing badminton, playing tabla. and also fond of reading books. He did not take any coaching for CLAT and also for 12th board and prepared for both the exams by doing only self study. He says “By the grace of god only and also by the support of my parents and my sister I was able to achieve this success. So I want to thank god and my parents.” Harshdeep is a dropper and is an inspiration to all those who couldn’t clear CLAT this year. Some excerpts from our interview :

  • What inspired you to take up Law as a career?
  • I didn’t took Law as my career only because of its future prospects and opportunities it gives, I took Law as a career because it gives me the weapon through which I can help the poor and needy persons who are not able to get justice nowadays, because of its costly nature. I can help them to get them justice and it is also very important for a person to know the law of the country which governs him….

  • Your suggestion, how to manage school studies and CLAT preparation together?
  • I gave my first priority to 12th board because 12th marks are very important throught any persons life…. And u can’t give it a second try but you can give CLAT a second try.. So I gave my priority to 12th. My subjects in 12th were PCM, Computer And English. So I had to give whole of my time to 12th board. I started preparing for clat 2015 after 12th board and prepared for 30 days and was able to get all india rank 1665.But I decided to drop an year for getting top nlus, although I was getting cnlu and nusrl last year.

  • How was your study plan during preparation? like time devoted everyday?
  • I gave equal time to legal, English and gk and less time to maths and logical.
  • How was mock tests useful in preparations? Any tips for aspirants who are currently going through a bad phase of mock results?

Mock tests are very helpful in competitive exams like clat in which you have very less time to answers such large number of questions. So I gave minimum 70-80 mocks from various sources to increase my speed of reading and manage my time well. And also by joining any mock series you gets your rank among other students and also about your weaknesses and strong points. So mocks are indispensable for scoring good marks in clat. Also don’t demoralize your self if you are not doing good ranks in mocks or not getting good ranks in mocks. Just observe your weaknesses and prepare to overcome those weaknesses in another mocks.

  • Time strategy you adopted while attempting CLAT 2016 paper? and How did you arrive to the same?

I first attempted legal portion because it is very important to score in this section because this section decides your rank. Then I attempted English and then Gk.. I was able to attempt these 3 sections in 60 – 70 minutes. And then I was left with another 60-50 minutes for logical and maths section. I will suggest you to prepare your own strategy  while giving mocks for your clat paper. This will be helpful because everyone has its own strategy of solving the paper.

  • How much time did you allot to each section of the paper?

I gave 30 minutes to legal, 8 minutes to gk and then 22 minutes to English. And then 30 minutes to maths and 30 minutes to logical. You can increase or decrease time of any section as sometime any section is tougher or any section is easier so be flexible with your time limits of every section.

  • What were your sources of current affairs and GK part?

I followed CLAT Decodified fb page for current affairs updates, Current affairs modules from CLAT Decodified and also gk sites like Gk today and Jagran Josh.

  • What was your general scheme of preparation?
  • My scheme was I followed my schedule which was also prepared by me and strictly followed it and It was also flexible for me. I gave my maximum time to English, Legal and Gk. And less time to maths and logical reasoning sections.

  • Mistakes that you did and would suggest the CLAT 2017 aspirants not to repeat?

I’ll suggest them to also study CAT logical reasoning questions and maths questions from icse elementary level maths book. Because logical and maths are very important and rank decider in clat.

  • Keeping negative marking in mind, what would you advise – more attempts or more accuracy that might reduce attempts?

More accuracy and more attempts both are important equally. If you are able to eliminate 2 options definitely in a question and only another 2 options are left in which you are in doubt then only guessing can be done otherwise not. But I’ll suggest you to attempt only those questions in which you are sure of your answers.

  • How did you kept yourself motivated throughout the preparation?
  • Everybody has its own source of motivation. My Parents and my sister provided me with the motivation that I needed throughout the preparation of CLAT exam. I also listened Gurbani Shabads (Holy Hymns) that sooth me and helped me keeping myself motivated through out the preparation.

  • What will be your message to CLAT 2016 takers who were not able to crack CLAT this time and are dejected? Any piece of inspiration and motivation you would like to give them?
  • Advice to the students who gave CLAT 2016 first time after giving 12th board in 2016 – Just take an year drop if you are not getting any nlu this year, or if you are taking any lower ranked nlus then also you have an option of taking admission there and then if you want to go to top nlus then you can also give CLAT 2017, In 2015 it was my first attempt to CLAT and I was getting cnlu patna and nusrl but I didn’t take admission there and risked my whole year and prepared well and in 2016 I got 163 ALL INDIA RANK with also self study. So your hard work always pays. So don’t get demotivated ever. And advice to the students who gave CLAT 2016 as their second attempt I will advise them to not take drop now and take admission in any private law college and then you have to work hard sincerely for 5 years. In law by becoming student of any nlu only does not fetches you a big fat job package, also what you do in 5 years of your llb what makes you eligible for that jobs so don’t get demotivated and demoralized ever, work hard that’s all.

  • What would be your message to the CLAT 2017 aspirants?

Just study hard and sincerely, you all will achieve success, and there is no shortcut to success.

  • Did modules and materials of CLAT Decodified help you? Any feedback on the materials and the guidance provided by CLAT Decodified?
  • I took mock test series of CLAT Decodified and also their current affairs modules (Both these things they provided for free) and they were up to the mark. Utkarsh sir also cleared my doubts whatsoever I had in my mind. So, in brief Clat decodified material is value for money and also affordable. I will recommend CLAT 2017 aspirants to join CLAT Decodified where they will get value for their money.