Toppers’ Interview : Prateek Soni (NLIU Bhopal)


Hello Everyone,

Today we have Prateek Soni in our Toppers’ talk section. He hails from Khategaon, a small village near Harda, Madhya Pradesh. Prateek had dropped a year and prepared for CLAT 2016, now he has secured a seat in NLIU Bhopal in the 1st allotment list. He also had taken admission in a private college in Indore last year and prepared for CLAT alongside it.

Few excerpts from interview are :

  • What inspired you to take up Law as a career?

Though there are many reasons for why I took up law as a career option, the most important of them is my passion for bringing up the awareness of law to the grass-root level of the society and bringing the justice to the poor and the needy.

The other important reason is that this field is the perfect field in which I can understand the society and its nature to the best.

  • Your suggestion, how to manage school studies and CLAT preparation together?

I know how much it is difficult to manage both school and CLAT preparation together. With a true sense of determination and hard work one can achieve all that one wants. My suggestion to all those who want to prepare for CLAT along with boards is to make a proper study schedule in which a proper timing is devoted to both CLAT and boards` subjects.

Not alone making a study schedule is going to help you in all but you have to strictly stick to that schedule. Remember and trust me, this thing is surely going to lead you to the success.

  • How was your study plan during preparation? like time devoted everyday?

As I had to manage both the college and CLAT studies together, the study schedule was really very hectic. I was a regular student of the first year. I had to attend lectures daily. My college timing was 8 AM to 2 PM.  After the college timing, I used to take rest for an hour then started for my daily target of the syllabus.

In the initial 3 months, I devoted 4 or 5 hours a day to CLAT preparation. Then in the month of November, I increased my study hours to 6-7 hours a day for CLAT. As my semester exams were in January, I used to learn for CLAT for 2-3 hours a day in December and January. Then in February, march and April I devoted most of my time to CLAT.

Furthermore, Mock tests were major portion of my study schedule especially in the last month of the preparation.

  • How was MOCK tests useful in preparations? Any tips for aspirants who are currently going through a bad phase of mock results?

As I have already mentioned, MOCK tests were perhaps the most important part of my syllabus. Only with the help of MOCK tests, we can realize the section in which we are quite strong and quite weak. For the proper utilization of MOCK tests we should not only take them and but also analyze them.

For those students who are not currently getting good results in MOCK tests, I would recommend that don’t lose your morale just because currently you are not getting good marks in your MOCK tests, just do analyze them properly and try to find that particular section where you are going down. Devote some more time to that section and go ahead with your preparation.

Depression like things will bring you to nowhere. As `practice makes a man perfect`, do practice as much as you can. At last, Hard work will definitely payoff some day!!!!!

  • Time strategy you adopted while attempting CLAT 2016 paper? and How did you arrive to the same?

The question paper of CLAT 2016 was quite easy as compared to that of the last year. There was enough time for solving each of the 5 sections of the question paper. As I was prepared enough for the exam, was not getting confused or tensed before or while solving the question paper. I was neither the over confident nor lack of confidence and also maintained sangfroid during the paper.

My time strategy was quite weird as I did not solve GK at first place.

I managed the time quite efficiently while attempting CLAT 2016 question paper. As legal reasoning/aptitude was my strength I attempted that section first. I solved legal section in 32 minutes. Then I jumped to logical reasoning which again took 32-33 minutes of my total time.

As generally people solve GK at first but I gave it third place while solving my question paper. The GK section took 8 minutes.

At fourth, I solved English section which further took 23-24 minutes of mine.

Lastly, I arrived at Mathematics and devoted the remaining time to it.

  • How much time did you allot to each section of the paper?

Legal Aptitude    –   32-33 Minutes

Logical reasoning   –   32-33 Minutes

General knowledge/current affairs   –   8-9 Minutes

English   –   23-24 Minutes

Mathematics  –  Remaining Time.

  • What were your sources of current affairs and GK part?

For static GK I opted for lucent and the static GK modules from some coaching institutes.

For current affairs, there were many sources which I adopted like Daily Newspaper reading, some popular current affairs website like GKtoday, jagranjosh, etc. and some facebook pages and groups.

  • What was your general scheme of preparation?

CLAT is an exam which perhaps nobody can easily crack. The most important thing which one should do is keeping up the spirit. I used to prepare and revise my notes everyday throughout the year. The first few months demanded the hard work and the last two months the proper revision.

So make notes properly and revise the same. Don’t collect too much unnecessary stuff. Prepare to the best what you have already…

  • Mistakes that you did and would suggest the CLAT 2017 aspirants not to repeat?

I kept on revising my notes till the last day. I would recommend all CLAT 2017 aspirants to not to repeat this mistake as you should be tension free a day before the exam. Also you should have completed the same work at least one week before the day of the examination.

  • Keeping negative marking in mind, what would you advise – more attempts or more accuracy that might reduce attempts?

Both  more attempts and more accuracy are equally important. One should not blindly mark the answers as it will increase the attempts but may decrease the accuracy.

One more thing, one should also opt for choice elimination method!!

Also if you are confused between two choices, just mark one of them but if you are confused between more than two choices then don’t mark that one. Keep one thing in your mind while solving the question paper that you have to attempt maximum number of questions with proper accuracy. This strategy specifically worked for me in my case!!!!!

  • How did you kept yourself motivated throughout the preparation?

I used to call my parents whenever I felt demotivated. They helped me in moving out of the stress. Also I used to listen to the music at such occasions for maintaining my composure!!!!

  • What will be your message to CLAT 2016 takers who were not able to crack CLAT this time and are dejected? Any piece of inspiration and motivation you would like to give them?

I want to say to all those CLAT 2016 takers who were not able to crack CLAT this time that if you have worked hard, it is definitely going to pay you off in the near future. Sometime luck factor also matters as I believe.

For those who have not worked hard should try to learn a lesson from this.

If you are able and you really want to then do prepare for it one more time, make a commitment to work hard and go ahead with your preparation!!!!

  • What would be your message to the CLAT 2017 aspirants?

Work hard, be smart. Keep Calm and crack CLAT. JJ

  • Did modules and materials of CLAT Decodified help you? Any feedback on the materials and the guidance provided by CLAT Decodified?

CLAT Decodified Facebook group helped me a lot and mentored me in my preparations !!!!


All the best to all the CLAT 2017 Aspirants,

Prateek Soni. :)